We believe our teens need access to the best orchestra and entrepreneurship experiences.  We're working to make that happen.

Exploration of Music Through Orchestra

The Exploration of Music through Orchestra is the largest joint concert for orchestral students in grades 5 - 12 in the state of Indiana.

Over 400 string musicians representing 15 area Middle and High Schools perform at The IPFW Rhinehart Music Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since 2011, the program has expanded to include other area middle and high schools to give those students an experience they won't find anywhere else in Fort Wayne.

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Believe in Your Business

Do you have ideas you believe could make a difference?  Do you want to be mentored by entrepreneurs and meet with people like you?  Join Believe in Your Business!

Exploration of Music Through Orchestra

You love playing music, but you need a stage to do it on with other talented students.  Consider the Exploration of Music through Orchestra.


Sky is Not the Limit

Music and business are great, but science and flying really speak to you.  Learn how to fly in Sky is Not the Limit!

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Our Mission & Vision

Believe in a Dream, Inc. was founded on the belief that every child has a dream.  That dream could be the aspiration to be a business owner, to travel the world, to break a world record, or to help others.

Our mission is to promote, develop, and mentor the youth of Fort Wayne, IN in three areas that will help them achieve their dreams.

  1. Business Education
  2. Mathematics & Sciences
  3. Performing Arts

Our signature events and programs work in the local community and its schools to accomplish that mission.

Our vision is a community made increasingly vibrant by youth who take positive action based on the core belief that no dream in unimaginable.

Believe in Your Business (BIYB)

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Believe in Your Business prepares high school students to start, own, operate and lead entrepreneurial, impactful, modern business ventures.  Our objective is to create a pipeline of young entrepreneurs who are prepared to take their places as business leaders in their respective communities.

We work with schools and communities to encourage entrepreneurial skills in three areas important for today’s youth:

  1. Technology
  2. Social responsibility
  3. Arts

How We Got Started

In 2013 and 2014, Believe in Your Business began as a project in New Tech Academy (located at Wayne High School in Fort Wayne, IN).  Working with teacher Riley Johnson, now principal at the Napa CA New Tech High School, we facilitated a classroom business plan competition and provided seed capital to the winners.  During the two years, the program engaged over 150 students and seeded four student-owned businesses.

In 2015, Believe in Your Business decided to address a wider region and opened the competition to students from the entire 10-county Northeast Indiana region.  Three student ventures from three different counties were seeded, and over 100 student entrepreneurs were engaged.  We continued to mentor in the classroom at New Tech Academy, but we clearly had an expansion in mind.

New for 2016!

Building on a successful three-year history, we are expanding Believe in Your Business in 2016 to reach even more students.  We are creating programming that enables students to explore real entrepreneurship and gain hands-on experience—but without the risk or stress of being forced to start a venture while occupied with the rigors of high school or forthcoming college.

The Exploration of Music through Orchestra

The Exploration of Music through Orchestra is an annual performing arts event like none other held in Fort Wayne, IN combining area school string programs to play together.  The event began as a platform to gain awareness to two of the only full orchestra programs left in Fort Wayne community schools systems, Northrop and Snider High Schools.  Since then, the program has expanded to include area middle and elementary schools which gives those students a learning and educational experience.

The Exploration of Music through Orchestra has given over 600 students the opportunity and experience for the students and the growing audience of over 500 attendees.  The talent of the students within the schools that have participated has impacted all involved.  We understand the culture of the performing arts in the greater Fort Wayne area is extremely important, and that is why we are determined to continue to support, promote and encourage the students in the community through The Exploration of Music through Orchestra.

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Like what you see, but you're not in high school anymore?


We are thankful for the community support we receive from Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana.  We have many fiscal sponsors, but also many volunteers that lead and guide our youth to follow their dreams.  There are many ways you can get involved!


Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!


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